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I heater in the crockpot on high for several hours I believe it took about 4 to boil , then low for 18 hours. It was perfect for my favorite chicken soup! Thank you! Anyone else? Hi Susan, this is a great question. If there is an excessive amount you can skim some of off after it chills in the refrigerator it will float to the top. Hope that helps! Thank you so much for this recipe!! In love….. Thank you for sharing this great recipe. Hi there! It just eases the burden on your digestive system, liver and kidneys. From a culinary perspective, it can also help with the flavor of your dish because tap water can sometimes have a taste to it.

Using purified water instead of tap water is optional but recommended. After making chicken stock with your wonderful recipe, I read further and realized that you directed everything towards women cooks.

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Should I discard the results of my efforts, or enjoy them with the hope your blog, etc. John, this is an absurd question. I adore men and often mention that everyone is welcome on my blog.


And bisexual has a different meaning that what you insinuated here. All are always welcome here equally. I freeze C shredded chicken in zip lock bags for future meals—soup, tacos, enchiladas, chicken salad etc. Much more moist and tasty from the broth. I freeze the broth too:. Thanks for the recipe and the explanation about the bones and the vinegar.

I love to make soup in the winter. I usually make a beef vegetable soup, but when simmering the stock I use beef bones and beef shank , I leave the lid off the pot. This adds welcomed humidity to the dry closed up household and makes the place smell delicious. I just make sure to check the pot periodically to make sure there is sufficient water to keep the meat covered.

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By morning, the fat has all risen to the top and can easily be removed. Thanks again! I have never made chicken stock or broth before, but I plan to make this recipe today.

I have a question: Sometimes I purchase the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store for a quick meal during the week. Can I use the carcass of the cooked rotisserie chickens in this stock recipe?

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If so, how long — how many days — could I safely save up the carcass before I need to cook it in a stock? Hi Kim, this is a great question. I think using a chicken you roast yourself, bones from chicken you roast yourself, or a whole chicken from the meat section is a better option. After roasting, use the carcass within a day for stock. Good luck! I am making the chicken stock removed the plastic pouch with organs but did not take any notice of the paper pouch and left it boiling with the chicken for two hours is the stock still good to use.

If the plastic was left in I would toss it, but the paper is probably not a big deal. Hi Joan, the acid in vinegar and lemon helps pull collagen out of the bones, which makes for a more nutritious broth. I would not recommend using lemon with the rind from the beginning. The lemon oil will become bitter if you simmer it for more than 45 minutes or so. You should specify when to use the lemon. I recently made your chicken broth recipe and loved it. However, the corners of the quart-sized bags that I used for storage, broke while in the freezer. Is this normal?

Perhaps I should have used half-gallon size bags. Where did I go wrong? Hi Suzanne, was it specifically a freezer bag? There is a difference between regular sandwich bags and freezer bags the freezer bags are thicker and air-tight, while the sandwich bags are not.

Make sure the product you use is specifically meant for the freezer. Thanks for being here! Removed the meat, left the bones and the vegetables, after about or less of 24 hours, tasted it,,,,,,YUK!!! Hi Mitchell, If you include a whole lemon including the peel and rind the broth will become very bitter. Never include a whole lemon for that reason. Instead, squeeze the fresh lemon juice in at the end.

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Adding chicken feet makes a huge difference in the resulting broth… I can get them at Walmart, in 1ish pound packages…they are truly disgusting to look at, but the gelatin and the flavor they produce is amazing. I use 1ish lb chicken feet with a 5ish lb chicken and aromatics. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

Will try it this week. But what can I do with the meat part after boiling? Am into Chinese dish. How long should I freeze these cooked meat for future cooking? Appreciate all guidance and advises. Set on soup setting, then set time for 2 hours. Use slow release method which should add another minutes. This was a most wonderful broth recipe! I took my time with this because I had six frozen bags of bones, fat, leftover meat to place in a much larger stock pot. I felt there was enough residual salt from all the birds and juices from the saved roaster contents. Simmered for about seven hours.

First straining was to get rid of all large bits and pieces. I agree that bringing snacks and your lunch to work can save you SO much money. There are several people at my office that eat out every day or go pick up fast food. We also purposefully make too much food for dinner so that we can have leftovers for lunch the next day. My husband and I also like to drink alcohol, but we limit that to the weekends now because it is so expensive.

We are doing the low carb diet so I have to limit wine intake.

My favorite drink is a chilton club soda, lemon, salt, and vodka. Food has always been my struggle. I love food and spend way too much money satisfying cravings and experiments. I make a batch of this every Sunday and eat throughout the week. I also pack them when my toddler and I are running errands to keep hunger at bay.

The base of this is the nut butter and oats, and you can really play around with the rest. I sometimes add dried fruit or chopped nuts to it. If I find chia seeds on sale I will add a tablespoon of those. Mix all ingredients together your hands will work better than a spoon and then mold into a glass dish and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. Cut into the portions you want. I keep these in the fridge all week and take out as I want to eat them. You can also just mix all ingredients in a bowl, refrigerate, and then mold into balls.

I am getting better I eat red sauce! We have reduced it to every other week. Our friends also love to host and vice versa. We pick a theme and everyone brings dish. We also do grilled pizza in the summer which is a steal!