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It is surprising that obesity surgery seems to slightly improve or maintain the employment rate and reduce absenteeism, but does not reduce disability. As pointed out by Habermann et al. This apparent stability in disability pensions after obesity surgery may be due, in part, to the existence of other disabilities among disability pension beneficiaries e. In addition, comparing results of studies conducted in different countries with different health insurance systems may be associated with the introduction of bias.

Second, all included studies were designed in high-income countries. If obesity used to be depicted in high-income countries in the past, it now represents a worldwide spread burden and affects also low- and middle-income countries. Third, we could not perform comparisons between studies considering that different methodologies were used to determine employment status and rates. Unemployment levels should be analyzed according to the geographical setting of a study, considering that the organization of healthcare systems and professional environments varies greatly depending on countries.

Our results are based on a majority of North American studies: nine 15 , 19 , 23 , 24 , 28—32 versus nine studies from European countries, 16—18 , 20—22 , 25—27 with distinct healthcare systems. Surgical patients should be medically and socially supported in their return to work, as part of the recovery process and medical care. Assessing the level of assistance required to achieve a social and professional reintegration implies considering the clinical situation, along with the geographical, social, and economical settings in which the analysis is performed, considering that the organization of occupational medicine and occupational health varies greatly between countries.

Obese patients who underwent bariatric surgery face many barriers when they try to return to employment. Studies suggest that bariatric surgery has generally a positive impact on the professional integration of patients, however, data characterizing the determinants of return to work are scarce in the scientific literature.

Our systematic review provides an overview of the risk markers for professional exclusion and factors we could act on to improve the chance of professional reintegration. This article does not contain any studies with humans or animals performed by any of the authors. Login to your account Username. Forgot password? Keep me logged in. New User. Change Password.

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The Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Employment: A Systematic Review

Request Username Can't sign in? Forgot your username? Enter your email address below and we will send you your username. Abstract Objectives: Bariatric surgery is described as the most effective treatment for morbid obesity, with significant effects on weight loss and reduction in obesity-related comorbidities.

Wolfe and Terry, Obes Surg. Andersen et al. Gripeteg et al. When adjusting for baseline confounders in men, a reduced risk of disability pension was suggested in the surgery group hazard ratio 0. Furthermore, the adjusted average number of disability pension days was lower in the surgery group, days vs.

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In women, bariatric surgery was not associated with significant effects on incidence or number of days of disability pension. Habermann et al. During follow-up, the ratio relative to the reference population remained constant. An increase of 12—14 net absenteeism days was observed in the first 3 months after surgery. Female sex OR 1.

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Bariatric surgery for obesity and metabolic conditions in adults

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Bariatric Surgery

Work participation among the morbidly obese seeking bariatric surgery: an exploratory study from Norway. Does obesity surgery improve psychosocial functioning?

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