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Designing a Presentation Tony Harmer. Sort By: release date newest first release date newest first release date oldest first course title a-z course title z-a.

Tune in every Monday for tips on upping your presentation game and working smarter with PowerPoint, Keynote, and other top tools. Designing a Presentation with Tony Harmer Learn from a graphic designer how to create the very best, most visually appealing presentations. PowerPoint: Animating Text and Objects for Beginners with Garrick Chow This mini course shows PowerPoint users—regardless of expertise level—how to add motion to their presentations by animating text and objects. PowerPoint for Educators with Alan Ackmann Learn how to use PowerPoint as an educational tool to engage learners, not just a delivery method for learning materials.

Get tips for creating more interactive, engaging presentations.

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Find out how to access the latest features and save time on common PowerPoint tasks. Craft the most effective training and communicate the structure to stakeholders before spending hours on the design process.

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Pick up slide design techniques used by presentation designers at cutting-edge Silicon Valley companies. Creating and Deploying Microlearning with Chris Mattia Create microlearning to deliver more effective, in-the-moment mobile training. Learn how to create engaging, bite-size lessons that capture learner attention.

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PowerPoint Quick Tips with Garrick Chow Enhance your PowerPoint abilities—and get on-the-spot solutions to common questions—with this collection of quick, bite-sized tutorials. Learn how to leverage PowerPoint in the college classroom to deliver more engaging and modern lessons. Discover how to modify and personalize your own design approach to maximize presentation impact.

This course covers each of the five exam areas for exam and provides you with a full-length practice test. PowerPoint Animations with Heather Ackmann Learn how to make your presentations more compelling by animating text and graphics in PowerPoint. PowerPoint for Office Animations with Heather Ackmann Learn how to make your presentations more compelling by animating text and graphics in PowerPoint for Office Get study tips and a full-length practice exam.

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Create multimedia presentations that wow. Learn to format slides, create handouts, and use Excel data. Learn how to migrate files and settings from Office and use the new features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Migrating from Office to Office with David Rivers Make the leap from Office to Office , and take advantage of the latest features and performance improvements in Microsoft's popular productivity suite.

Migrating from Office to Office with David Rivers Learn how to upgrade to Office while migrating all your important files, preferences, and settings from Office intact. Create interactive lessons, design engaging slides, create learning activities, and incorporate games.

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Learn the shortcuts that will help you save time, be more productive, and create more engaging PowerPoint presentations. Description In this unit, students will learn about: the do's and don'ts of developing effective presentations. Unit: Links, Shapes, and Photo Albums.

Description In this unit, students will learn about: adding interest and function to presentations using text boxes, WordArt, hyperlinks, action buttons, and photo albums with captions. Unit: Charts and Graphs. Description In this unit, students will: understand the benefits of using charts and graphs; recognize basic charts, such as pie, column, bar, and line charts; know when to use different types of charts; and create charts in PowerPoint. This project is part of a larger group of projects based around a single theme about well-known people.

  1. Part 1: Key principles of design.
  2. Witch One Dunnit?: A Tale of Mystery and Confusion (A Rachael Penzra Mystery Book 1);
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint: The Wow Factor (Level 2).
  4. Martyrs Mirror: The Story of Seventeen Centuries of Christian Martyrdom From the Time of Christ to A.D. 1660;
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Prior to beginning any of the projects, students need to generate a list of well-known people in a profession or area of life.