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Buy As Gift. Overview Dharma Mittra; A Friend to All is the first and only biographical account of the life and teachings of one of the foremost Yogis of our time, Sri Dharma Mittra. Renowned around the world for his famous Master Asana Chart, very little has been written about this Divine seer. Told through dozens of personal accounts, biographical and historical information, pictorial chronology and stories and quotes by the Master himself, Dharma Mittra; A Friend to All is a window into a life of milleniums.

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Primarily told through personal accounts of students and disciples over the last 50 years, what we find in the life and teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra is the very breath of Yoga, with its immaculate purity and non-attachment in every action. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Give Now Kripalu is a c 3 non-profit - Your gift helps create a more awakened, compassionate, and connected world.

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Browse Articles. Home Presenters and Programs Presenters. Sri Dharma Mittra Sri Dharma Mittra, a legendary yoga teacher, first encountered yoga as a teenager before meeting his guru in and beginning his training in earnest. February 14—16, Dharma Yoga Intensive. Charging Practice. Ready for your own transformation? Join us for life-changing experiences. More than once he answered a question I had in my mind but was afraid to ask, and I was intrigued by his compassion and complete lack of ego. Some months later, I decided to take his master class in New York City, even though I had a sore back.

Again we did advanced asanas, and there was a remarkable lack of competition in the room; in fact, it felt like the other students were rooting for me. I was hooked. Each day began with chanting, pranayama and meditation, followed by talks on philosophy as well as instruction in anatomy, diet vegetarian, mostly raw , kriyas yoga techniques , Hatha yoga, japa mala prayer beads and other yoga practices.

A yogi is a person interested in applying the science of yoga for the purpose of self-realization. This was new for me. It was also practical; on the first day they sat us down with our neti pots and showed us how to use them.

Dharma Mittra: A Friend To All by Chandra Om

Then we each tried it. I was relieved to find out how easy it was, since I had owned one for two years but had been afraid to try it. We spent a lot of time studying the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. Bad things happen due to the deeds from the past. For example, I am born with bowed legs.

I hate bowed legs. But maybe in a past life I was tall and proud.

Now I am short with a flat head, born in Brazil. If you do, you are not worried, depressed, restless. You feel contentment. I began to see unpleasant events in my past from a new perspective—perhaps they really were blessings—and began to stop taking everything personally. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted. It lifted even further when we learned that the greatest cause of all suffering is ignorance of the true self. Dharma explained that our innermost self is located at the right side of the heart and is perfect and unchanging and beyond disturbances of the body and mind.

When he said that all living beings have this same spark of the divine inside of them, something cold and hard inside of me began to melt. Tears fell, and I began to feel a sense of peace, along with tremendous compassion for others. Tears fell often during the training, which also stressed Karma yoga.

A Weekend with Sri Dharma Mittra

Each of us was given a daily task to perform. Mine was to sweep the front stairs before class, which meant I got to greet my teachers and fellow sadhakas aspiring yogis each day. I also got to see Dharma calmly lug his Segway Personal Transporter up the steep staircase each morning. The training included four or more Hatha yoga classes each day, and I made huge leaps in my asana practice.

Suddenly I was able to do splits on both sides for the first time, touch my feet in kapotasana pigeon pose —with the help of Andrei Ram—and drop into backbend with relative ease. Yet whenever it was time to take a Level I or Gentle class, we trainees were grateful for the break.

SRI DHARMA MITTRA - Yoga Vinyasa Practice

We learned, over and over, that we are not the doer but an instrument of the divine, that we are not the body or the mind. The whole time I felt like I was getting a lot of spiritual help from my teachers and fellow sadhakas—especially when it was my turn to teach a Level I class to the public. It felt like everyone in the room was pulling for me, like we were of a single mind.

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Another highlight was being chosen to teach a Level II class in front of Dharma, who ended up adjusting the students in poses while I attempted to teach! I think I am one of the few in the world to have had such an experience.